Do you offer discounts?

I strive to offer reasonably priced solutions for every client because I know business startups, especially those in rural areas, need a boost!  The prices you see advertised reflect that. If the package you want is too pricey for you, I suggest going with the next tier down to start, and building from there as your finances allow. If you are a small non-profit, you may be eligible for a discount rate – just ask!

What platforms do you use to build your websites?

I try to choose the solution that will work best for you. In general, I will use Squarespace as the base CMS for small business-card style websites. It is reliable and pretty simple for website newbies to learn. For the demands of larger or more complex websites, I use WordPress, which allows for a greater range of flexibility and growth, but can also require more upkeep. In some cases, a straightforward hand-coded HTML and CSS website may be called for.

I’m a new business, just starting out or getting on the web, what should I do next?

I can provide advice on your website, branding design, social media, and marketing materials, BUT I am not a business consultant. I recommend that those just starting out contact the resources of their town or regional business association. There are often many great (and free!) resources available from your local government who want to help you succeed with your new business.

I don’t want to learn how to make changes to my site. Will you update it for me?

Sure, I can update your website, but at an additional cost and by availability. However, these websites are designed specially to make it easy for you to update yourself. In my opinion, it will be most cost-effective for you to learn the simple process of updating, so that if you have an urgent announcement to add at 9am on a Sunday, you can get it done!

What makes a good website?

Great websites come in all sorts of styles and designs but usually have a few things in common.

They should clearly and immediately represent who you are, or what you are selling.  It is up to you to define what that is!

They should be easy to navigate. We humans have notoriously short attention spans. It should be quick and easy for visitors to find what they are looking for, or they may leave.

Simple – for this reason, your website should appear clean and simple. Don’t worry — that doesn’t mean it can’t also have cool elements — we just have to apply them with care. Sometimes that is hard to accomplish, particularly when your organization is large, or you have alot of information to convey. For that reason, you’ll almost always hear me recommend shortening text and using clear, illustrative photos (they’re worth 1,000 words after all!) to keep your viewers engaged.

Are there other costs?

Yes. While I will set up your website as a functioning unit, and create the design, you will still be responsible for the cost of monthly or annual payments for your domain name and web host. When your website is complete, we will hand over billing to you, at which point it is your responsibility to pay your bills on time in order to keep your website up and running. Depending on how we decide to setup your site, other costs for a fully functioning website may include paying for email services, advertising, ecommerce fees, and more.