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About Moi

Theophile Alexandre Steinlen - 1894 poster for Paris veterinary clinic
Theophile Alexandre Steinlen – 1894 poster for Paris veterinary clinic

Kelsey enjoys doing webdesign for her clients and the satisfaction of delivering a job well done, but luckily she isn’t boring and one-dimensional.

She has always loved animals and anything to do with learning, caring, training, playing, healing and observing them. As a teenager she spent many summers learning to train horses to ride, drive and practice ground manners at Seacoast Farm in Maine. For years she has maintained an educational website on Friesian Horses, which, if you’ve never heard of them, we suggest you check out, here!

More recently she completed an internship in wildlife rehabilitation at the York Center for Wildlife in Cape Neddick, ME — that is feeding and caring for dozens of baby squirrels, birds, and mice, and adults of many species from mink and box turtles to hummingbirds and great horned owls. As you can tell, she is still excited about it. If your project has something cool to do with animals, wild or domestic, you’re likely to be on the top of her list.

Other things she likes to do: read, read, read. Fiction is lovely, so is non-fiction.

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